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Aluminium heatsealable bags are the best way to transport highly aromatic substances without the odour escaping to the outside.

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Heatsealable Aluminium bags

When transporting highly odorous substances, one of the main concerns is to prevent the odour from being obvious to the outside world and attracting attention. The best solution in these cases is to use heat-sealable aluminium bags, which seal the contents airtight and prevent unwanted aromas from being perceived by third parties.

Aluminium heat-sealable bags maintain the freshness of the plant material and seeds that are placed inside. It is the best way to preserve dried herbs and prevent moisture from spoiling their properties. At the same time as these bags prevent odour from escaping to the outside, they are also capable of preventing other odours from penetrating inside the bag, which could also mean a loss of organoleptic properties of the plant material contained.

These bags come in different sizes, so they are very adaptable and ensure maximum discretion, as they have an external aluminium lining, so no one will be able to tell what is inside. This type of bag has traditionally been used for packaging products of different kinds, such as electronic devices that require excellent preservation. Therefore, no one will notice that the user may be carrying seeds or other plant material inside.

Using these heat-sealable aluminium bags is very simple and involves only a few steps. First, the substance to be packaged must be placed inside the bag. Then, use a clothes iron or hair iron to join the open ends of the bag together. The thermosealing action of this bag will be activated at this moment and the products that remain inside will be completely hermetically sealed.

When it comes to long-term product preservation, this aluminium heat-sealable bag is also very useful, as it will preserve seeds or vegetable matter for much longer with all their properties intact than a normal bag. In addition, this bag is reusable, as it can be resealed with the use of an iron.

Before the advent of this type of foil bag, many people chose to store vegetable matter or seeds in plastic zip & lock bags. This type of packaging can be convenient if what is placed inside does not have to have a certain level of humidity. However, if plant material with organoleptic properties and precise environmental conditions must be placed inside, this type of heat-sealable bag should be used, as it does not allow any odour or humidity to penetrate inside.