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The Lumatek LED ATS LED system is a supreme quality cannabis LED growing system, which offers full spectrum with branded Lumatek intensity and spectrum controllers. Available in 200W and 300W.

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Lumatek LED ATS Growing LED

Lumatek presents its new range of top quality LED luminaires, the Lumatek LED ATS, available in 200W and 300W of potency. LED technology is one of the most efficient ways of supplying light to a plant, as it consumes less than half the power of traditional sodium bulbs and offers the same results, heating up less and covering all stages of the plant's life cycle.

The Lumatek LED ATS equipment covers the different light spectrums that plants need for their correct development, so it is not necessary to change the lighting system for the growth and flowering. It is lightweight equipment that uses an adjustable controller to adapt the light spectrum to the growing phase the plants are in.

In addition to this, the controller can also modify the light intensity, making it the perfect tool for monitoring the lighting received by the plants and saving more costs. Without a doubt, this is a great investment for anyone looking for LED lighting for horticultural purposes, as the return on investment will be quick and assured in terms of savings on light bills. 

The construction of the Lumatek LED ATS lighting system is made of top quality components and is designed to provide light efficiently. In this way, this equipment produces a uniform diffusion of light at a short distance from the crop, which makes it possible to provide the light to all the plants in a uniform way, favouring a homogeneous growth.

Moreover, this LED equipment does not heat up, so it will not produce as much discomfort or burns as those produced by HPS spotlights when they are very close to the plant. In the same way, it is not necessary to use additional air fans to extract the heat from the grow room, as Lumatek LED ATS has a silent convection heatsink that minimizes the lights temperature.

This LED system is available in 2 versions. On the one hand, the 200W version, a device that will be able to provide more than enough light for a growing area of 0.8 square meters. On the other hand, the 300W version is also available, which will be optimal to provide lighting to a 1 square meter.

Finally, the design of the Lumatek LED ATS is one of the strengths of this system, because it is ready to be plugged in and start providing all the light that the indoor plants need.

Lumatek LED ATS Characteristics

High efficiency 2.3 µmol/J; 2,5 µmol/J (200W Pro); 2,7 µmol/J (300W Pro)

High intensity PPF output: 460 µmol/s, 508 µmol/s (200W Pro); 690 µmol/s (300W); 816 µmol/s (300W Pro)

Lumatek high quality LED controllers

Top bin LEDs

Balanced full spectrum

Compact design ideal for a cultivation area of 0.8/1 m2

Fully adjustable

Plug & Play