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The VacuMax vacuum packing machine is the best solution for storing herbs for a long time without losing any of their properties. Its operation is so impeccable that it allows to store raw materials up to 5 times longer than in traditional glass jars.

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VacuMax Vacuum Sealer

Conservation is one of the most important aspects to take into account in order to the herbs' properties intact for a long time. The revolutionary way of doing this is brought to us by VacuMax, a vacuum sealing machine with plastic bags that extends the life of dried herbs for much longer time. In this case, up to 5 times longer than using traditional preservation methods, such as glass jars.

The VacuMax vacuum sealing machine for herbs is an economical solution to keep the properties of many products in our daily lives: dried flowers, tobacco, food... Everything you can imagine will be perfectly preserved with the VacuMax vacuum sealer to keep it same like today. Anyone who has tried to preserve products in glass jars will often find that over time the air enters and affects the properties of the product, such removing its aromas and effects, something that does not happen with the VacuMax sealer.

The VacuMax is a compact machine with a really simple operation. It has an air nozzle on the front, which is responsible for absorbing the air from the airtight bags, this way we can ensure that there is no oxidation inside the bags. When the button on the sealer is pressed, it removes all the air from the bag and will vacuum almost any kind of product you can imagine, working perfectly with dry flowers and different kinds of herbs.

This vacuum packing machine works with a battery powered, so it is versatile and easy to carry from one place to another, without the need to walk around with annoying cables. The indispensable complement to this vacuum sealer are the hermetic bags, which are responsible for storing the product you want to keep for up to 5 times longer.

The operation of the VacuMax vacuum sealer is simple and everyone can be encouraged to use this revolutionary form of preservation. First, you simply have to place the product you want to pack into the VacuMax bag, bearing in mind that you cannot go beyond the filling mark. Then you must use the airtight seal on the bag without blocking the air valve. Finally, simply place the bag on a flat surface and try to extract as much air as possible using the VacuMax sealer, helping with your hands to facilitate the air release.

VacuMax main features

Voltage: 100-240 V

Range: 50/60 Hz

Output level: 12.5 W

Output voltage: 9 V

Optimal operating temperature: 0 to 40ºC

Optimum relative humidity for operation: 5 to 95%