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GIB CO2 tablets are highly concentrated and perform slow release. A supplement to plant and flowers enhancing, as they stimulate the photosynthesis and promote a better blooming. The CO2 tablets are easy to use and can be applied during all the plant's life stages, being especially useful during flowering.

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CO2 Tablets Supplement

CO2 tablets have come to revolutionize crops in any medium, this is a CO2 supplement that helps to get a fast and abundant flowering in whenever the plant is. This is achieved by mixing the CO2 tablets in the irrigation water to improve the photosynthesis process, by which the plant absorbs the energy through the leaves.

CO2 tablets are great for benefiting plants in any type of cultivation in a simple and safe way. It is also a highly recommended product to some of the plant's problems, specially those who is difficult to attribute a cause. In these cases, the use of CO2 tablets can be a wide solution.

One of the most common problems that an inexperienced grower may face is precisely the absence of carbon dioxide in the growing space. Eventually, this can cause the plants to stop growing and not be able to move into a successful flowering phase. CO2 tablets are a great way to introduce carbon dioxide directly into the root system, so it quickly reaches the all the plant's parts.

CO2 tablets are best for the flowering phase. In this way, the CO2 helps to speed up the harvesting as well as boosting the buds, offering larger and heavier buds in less time, so that larger and better quality harvests can finally be achieved. 

The package contains a total of 60 tablets.

CO2 Tablets dosage and instructions

In general, the CO2 tablets can be used on healthy plants and cuttings at a rate of one tablet per 250 litres of water.

In hydroponic systems it is possible to add the tablet directly to the nutritive solution, as the excess is neither harmful nor beneficial.

The ideal way to apply the CO2 tablets directly to the water is to dissolve them at first in a glass of water and then mix them with the water to be used for irrigation.

It is possible to apply the CO2 tablets twice a week, especially during the vegetative growth stage.

The formula of the carbon dioxide tablets is not harmful to the environment and is also not harmful to plants or animals.

The use of CO2 tablets can lower the pH of the water temporarily, so it is recommended to regularly measure the pH of the water and soil to check and correct if needed.

Co2 tablets Features

60 tablets of highly concentrated CO2

100 grams