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The Solux Vega LED lamp is the definitive LED lighting system to replace the halide and sodium lamps. It has a low consumption, the same performance as the high intensity lamps and an estimated life of 50.000 hours.

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Solux Vega LED Lighting System

The LED Solux Vega is a modular LED lighting system based on high quality diodes. One of its most outstanding characteristics is that it provides a special combination of light spectrum divided into six groups, optimizing it.

It is a high performance LED system, which allows the creation of modular LED luminaires with 6, 8 and 9 bars. Each bars of the Solux LED lighting system has 60W of power, so it is possible to make the precise bar combinations for a given growroom size. Each of the LED lamps are anchored to it through a drive that provides support.

The Solux LED system is available in 3 sizes of 6, 8 and 9 at the next potencies: 360W, 480W and 720W. The Solux LED lamp has a very low PPFD loss, so the light penetrates efficiently even in the lowest parts of the plants, enhancing yields.

Solux Vega LED lighting system efficiency is made up of a COB chip, which offers a perfect complete spectrum for the plants. The rest of the chips that are part of the bulb are SMD of the CREE brand (white and blue) and OSRAM (red). This type of lighting promotes better plant development and allows the grower to effectively observe pests, deficiencies or diseases just by looking at them.

Another of the most positive aspects of this LED lighting system is its low consumption and high durability. This product does not produce much heat either, so it is not necessary to use extra cooler systems. On the other hand, the Solux LED has a total life span of 50,000 hours. This can be equivalent to 10 years of growing without having to incur in bulb replacements.

The performance levels that can be achieved by the Solux LED are high, providing + 1 gr/W with a much lower energy consumption than the obsolete metal halide or sodium lamps.

Application: All types of indoor cultivation.

Do NOT touch with your hands, always use clean gloves, to optimize the life of the lamp.

Solux LED Characteristics 

PPFD at 15 cm: 580

PPFD at 20 cm: 520

PPFD at 30 cm: 480

Spectrum: blue UV, white, red, IR

Angle of Reflection: 105º or 60º

Available powers


Number of bars: 6

LEDs per module: 36 COB + 144 3 W LEDs

Weight: 13.6 kg

Size (cm): 90x60x9,5

Consumption: 360 W


Number of bars: 8

LEDs per module: 48 COB + 198 3 W LEDs

Weight: 16.88 kg

Size (cm): 90x75x9,5

Power consumption: 480 W


Number of bars: 9

LEDs per module: 72 COB + 288 LEDs of 3 W

Weight: 28 kg

Size (cm): 120x120x9,5

Power consumption: 720 W