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Feminized Ramses marijuana seeds are a new strain from the Pyramid seedbank. A powerful Sativa, with a cerebral effect and very fast flowering outdoors, which makes it ideal for growing in places where the rain comes early!


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Feminized Ramses Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Ramses marijuana seeds come from the Pyramid Seeds seedbank as a novelty that brings the flavor and power of Haze but with early harvest outdoors. Fruit of the genetic selection with Amnesia Haze made by this bank, this strain promises euphoric high and a fast flowering that allows it to be cultivated in places where rain comes early.

Ramses grows and develops with a strong sativa vigor, so you can expect a tall plant (can reach 180cm indoors) and long internodal distance. It is recommended a strong control on this plant in interiors since it has a tendency to grow a lot and it can get out of shape. At the end of flowering it will give away large amounts of long buds, with lots of resin and a strong Haze aroma.

The taste and aroma of Ramses is mainly citrus, with a spicy metallic touch typical of the Haze strains and will not disappoint to the lovers of these varieties.

Ramses yield is indicated as high. Due to the speed of its flowering outdoors (about a week before the end of summer) it is highly recommended for areas where autumn usually brings rain and, at that time, its production can reach 1000 grams per plant. When grown indoors, with lights, its yields can exceed 500 grams per square meter and its flowering can take about 80 days, which are compensated by the short time it needs for vegetative growth.

Ramses has a powerful effect, typical of Sativa and totally cerebral. It can be expected to have a strong, long-lasting stimulant effect and should therefore be used throughout the day.

Main features of Ramses Marijuana:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 80% Sativa
  • Genetic: Amnesia Haze
  • Cannabinoids: THC: 18%; CBN: 0.2%; CBD: -1%
  • Height: 90-180cm
  • Flowering: 80 days indoors, one week before the summer ends outdoors
  • Production: 500g/m2 on indoors and up to 1000gr per plant outdoors
  • Plantation: spring on outdoors and all year on indoors