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Aleda is a rolling paper made of cellulose and fully transparent allowing you to see what you smoke. A fabulous paper imported directly from Brazil in king size format for lovers of large joints.

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Aleda is a rolling paper imported directly from Brazil. It is made by a transparent cellulose paper allowing to see what you smoke. Besisdes that, this rolling paper is environmentally friendly.

More than a rolling paper, Aleda is made from 100% cellulose and is fully biodegradable, tasteless, odorless and flame retardant. Aleda is fully transparent which does not contain the usual chemicals such as lead, arsenic and other heavy metals that are used to give the white color to regular rollingpaper. In fact, and since the manufacturing process of Aleda ends before reaching the bleaching stage, these metals are not necessary.

Moreover, Aleda is less harmful to your health than regular white rolling papers not needing any type of glue to stick with great effectiveness.

In our store you will find it in booklets of 40 units of 3,5x11,5cm (king size), ideal for lovers of endless joints.

Main features of Aleda:

  • Paper made with 100% of cellulose (not plastic) and biodegradable
  • Transparent: you can see what you smoke
  • It has no glue but sticks perfectly
  • Product 100% vegetable, harmless and odorless, zero irritation
  • It does not alter the properties of the snuff
  • Offers smolder
  • This is the finest paper available on the market


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