Chemdawg is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain and the parent of all Diesel genetics. It provides great productions and a relaxing, durable effect capable of removing pain.  

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Feminized Chemdawg Marijuana Seeds

Chemdawg is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain from Humboldt Seeds and the parent of all Diesel genetics,  provideing great productions.

The legend says that the original breeder, Chemdawg, got the seeds by buying them directly to a friend that brought them from one of his trip.

From there, the strain was selected and stabilized until the formation of the well-known Chemdawg. Several new lines were made from its like Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel or OG Kush.

It has a hybrid structure with a main tip highly branched thus acquiring a bush-type appearance filled with buds. Each specimen is able to reach heights of 2.5 m.

If you plant to grow it in a growing room we recommend to reduce its growth so it can fully develop. In the garden and due to its high resistance to moisture it can be grown in temperate, although dried, warm and sunny climates, or on a greenhouse

It ends its full cycle in 9 weeks being able of offering productions ranging from 400 to 500g/m2. Its aroma comprises a mixture of pine and gasoline and its extremely powerful effect does make it recommended for first-timers

When smoking it, your mood will raise up by giving an uplifting sensation. Besides that, it will also relax you and remove any pain you can have.  

Main features of Chemdawg Marijuana:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 60% Sativa and 40% Indica
  • THC: 24%
  • CBD: 0.1%
  • Flowering: 65-70 days (indoors) or early October (northern hemisphere) 
  • Production: 400-500g/m2

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