MARIHUANA:Cannabis horticulture.THE MEDICAL GROWER'S BIBLE for indoor and outdoor cultivation. JORGE CERVANTES


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"Marihuana: horticultura del cannabis" from Jorge Cervantes is, as its title refers, "The Bible for the grower". Its an amazing book that covers everything you need to know about indoor, outdoor and hydroponic cultivations and to become a professional grower or if you want to start you own Marijuana cultivation.

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Marijuana Book: Cannabis Horticulture

"Marihuana: horticultura del cannabis" from Jorge Cervantes is "the Bible" of any grower interested in Marijuana cultivation. Completely rewritten and uptdated, this comprehensive book will solve all your queries wheter you are an experienced grower or a beginner to growing marijuana. It deals with both indoor growing and outdoor growing. Growing in soil, hydroponics, care of mother plants, cloning, pests, fertilizers, hashosh extraction... Absolutely everything you need to know about marijuana,

This new edition includes an extra content, leading to a generous amount of 1,075 sheets, and a significant increase in photos and images with more than 1000. Besides that, this book is totally printed on photo paper being a very nice and colorful book.

The book is written in a plain language, informative, easy to understand and very accurate, clearly explaining what any grower, expert or beginner need to knw to make the most of its Marijuana plants. In addition of being well structured, the back page of each section has a distinctive color thus being easier to move around the book.

It is by far the most comprehensive book that exists about Marijuana cultivation. If youare a grower, you definitely should have this book on your libray.