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Marijuana Edibles: How to Use Them Safely

This introductory article on the use of marijuana edibles is aimed at reducing risk, and not intended for advertisement or a recommendation for the consumption of marijuana edibles. At Experiencia Natural, we simply provide theoretical guidelines at an informative level. Finding the right dosage for consuming or preparing marijuana edibles has always been a major challenge for many. Hence, this article is put together as an introduction to the world of marijuana edibles and what factors you should take into account when dosing them.

Cannabis Edibles: What Are They and What Are They Used For?

Marijuana edibles, simply known as edibles, are products derived from Cannabis. They contain cannabinoids and are ingested for different purposes, including as a medicine. Many medicinal users would prefer consuming marijuana as edibles, especially those who aren’t thrilled by smoking.

However, edibles are also very popular among recreational users. This is so because, as we will discover, the effects of edibles are more potent are last longer than smoking. Edibles also provide a more discreet method of consuming cannabis.

The science behind edibles is very different from smoking, as such, it is likely that a novice will get the dosage wrong and either feel nothing or suffer from overdose. Cannabis edibles generally require a dosage of 10mg, however, to find out more about the dosing, you’ll have to read to the end.

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How Long Before the Effects of Cannabis Edibles Kick-in?

As earlier mentioned, marijuana edibles work differently from smoked marijuana. In the case of smoking or vamping, a user feels the effects almost immediately, thus, making it easier to decide when its best to stop smoking. Edibles work very differently. In the case of edibles, the effects don’t come immediately, so, users usually don’t get an indication of when they’ve reached their limits. This means that marijuana has to be dosed to control the effects.

What this entails is that the body goes through the whole process of digestion and even metabolisation before the THC enters the bloodstream. Unlike smoking or vamping, the liver becomes involved in processing marijuana edibles before the brain feels any sort of psychoactive effect.

The length of time needed for a person to feel the effects vary from one person to another, because everyone has a different rate of metabolism, different weight, etc. You may need two or three hours to feel the effects of a marijuana edible, your buddy may get high in under an hour.

Step by Step

Because it takes time for the effects of marijuana edibles to become obvious, it is important to take them slowly when consuming them. Always remember, you can’t un-eat what you’ve consumed. For first-timers who are unaware, regret is very common for people who don’t go slow with marijuana edibles.

If cookies are your preferred edible, start with taking half a cookie and gauge how you feel afterwards. However, making the edibles yourself should give you a clearer picture of how much marijuana is in every piece. If they were made by another, always inquire how much marijuana was used in the preparation.

Marijuana edibles can lead to unpleasantly strong highs, so, whether you are using them recreationally or therapeutically, always take them slowly, especially if you’re unsure of the exact concentration used.

The Potency of Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana used to make edibles is distilled into a super-concentrated form – much higher than the concentration that is usually smoked. This makes it much easier to consume more marijuana than you initially want. A brownie or a cookie may contain two or three times the dosage of smoking, so starting with just a portion of the edible is ideal.

As a rule of thumb, the edible marijuana dosage is usually 10mg, however, the effects of this dosage can vary from one individual to another. If you’re new, its best to experiment with a smaller dosage to gauge your threshold. If you find you need more, you can increase the dose and vice versa.

The upside to Cannabis is that you can’t die from an overdose. However, overdosing is an extremely unpleasant experience. Note that the body’s response to alcohol after consuming an edible varies. Also, consuming edible on a full stomach may reduce the effect of edible marijuana. However, on an empty stomach, the effects are much harder.

The better option remains eating before consuming marijuana edibles, try not to eat an edible and then the meal. This is because, unlike alcohol, eating after consuming a marijuana edible can strengthen the effects rather than null them.

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Instructions for Use Marijuana Edibles

If you are fortunate to reside in a place where it is legal to consume marijuana edibles, always ensure every product you purchase comes packaged with an informative label. However, because marijuana and its products are still illegal in most parts of the world, there is no standard and consistency in auditing these products. This makes getting the correct dose even more difficult for consumers.

Before consuming an edible, read the label to find out how much marijuana it contains. This will help you determine how much of it to eat. Sadly, because of the lack of standardization in the industry, not all products have this clearly spelt out on their label.

If you are eligible to get dispensary marijuana edibles, opt for those with clear labels and good packaging. Products that meet this criterion indicates commitment from the part of the company in delivering quality and consistency.

Don’t Give in To Peer Pressure

When we say peer pressure, we don’t mean you shouldn’t rely on friends when it comes to consuming marijuana edibles. What we mean is you shouldn’t overindulge in marijuana edibles just because of a friend.

Consuming edibles shouldn’t be seen as a competition. Instead, limit your consumption to how much your body can take. Everyone has a different level of high they’re comfortable with, as well as a level of tolerance their bodies can handle. For this reason, it’s better to avoid Cannabis endurance competitions.

When consuming edibles, listen to what your body tells you, if you feel there’s something wrong at any time, you can stop. Remembering what and how much you ate will help you avoid making the same mistake twice. Tolerance level to cannabis is not only affected by how much one has consumed over a period of time. Factors such as gender, age, and weight, which can make a difference in how your body is affected by edible marijuana, as well as how long you’ll need to start feeling the effects.

Finding the Right Dose

A seasoned smoker or a person who has been smoking marijuana regularly for years may consider himself tolerant and probably won’t hesitate to try edibles for the first time. However, a high tolerance for smoking marijuana does not mean a high tolerance for eating marijuana – an important lesson to always keep in mind.

If you’re trying out marijuana edible for the first time, seasoned smoker or newbies, it’s always best to start small. While the tolerance one builds from smoking marijuana comes from the lungs, the processing of marijuana edibles doesn’t involve the lungs because they are completely dependent on the stomach.

Also, the lining of the stomach doesn’t have as many membranes like the lungs, this means that the high will be much more intense than the equivalent from smoking marijuana. Doing an important job or driving after ingesting a marijuana consumable can be a bad idea, it is best not to. For your safety, simply ask someone to drive you or take a taxi.

Consuming Edibles in Safe Environments

When trying marijuana edibles, especially the first time, do so in a trusted company. When experiencing the psychoactive effects, it’s safe to have a friend nearby. Share the experience, the laughter, happiness and, at worst, the unpleasant high with a friend who can help you get through it more comfortably.

A friend can also help you remember the exact number of gummy bears, biscuits or chocolate bars you took, and the effects it had on you. Next time, you’ll be more accurate in dosing. If trying a higher dose, its best to be at home where you can simply go to bed when you need to.

Los edibles de Cannabis son muy potentes y duraderos.

Overdoing Marijuana Edibles

Overdoing it with the dosage is very common, especially for people trying out marijuana edibles for the very first time. Luckily, there’s been no recorded deaths from a marijuana overdose, and you’re not about to be the first. If you’ve overdosed, what you need to do is to keep breathing normally while remaining as relaxed as possible.

If you’re at this point, take note of how much you’ve ingested to avoid ending up like that again. In the end, overdoing could serve as a valuable lesson. Ultimately, the stress involved in finding the correct dosage pays off when it comes to marijuana edibles.

While some people aren’t big on smoking, others can’t smoke but need marijuana for medicinal purposes. Whatever the case may be, marijuana edibles provide the best alternative to meet their needs.

This has been our guide to deal with marijuana edibles, we hope you enjoyed it. If you want to continue reading, you can do so with Marijuana infusion easy recipe and Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use.

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