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Strawberry Blue Early Harvest by World of Seeds is a feminized, photodependent seed with a fast flowering period that produces sweet, forest fruit flavors with floral and incense nuances.


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Early Harvest Strawberry Blue by World of Seeds

This variety began with the selection of a male from the Blueberry family, crossed with the famous and powerful Strawberry Cough. The result of crossing with an autoflowering F4 gives us a mostly sativa variety of very short flowering that develops long branches which is very easy for cultivation in SCROG.

What is Early Harvest Strawberry Blue like?

Early Harvest Strawberry Blue is an easy-to-grow plant that is resistant to fungi and pests. Indoors it will be ready in 45 days of flowering, and outdoors, in early September for the northern hemisphere, or early April for the southern hemisphere. Its growth is very vigorous and although it is very fast, it can grow quite large. At the end of flowering the green colour turns blue, to a greater or lesser extent depending on external conditions.

Production capacity of Early Harvest Strawberry Blue

Early Harvest Strawberry Blue can produce 600 grams per m2 when grown indoors and more than 1000 grams per plant when grown outdoors.

Most common effects

Early Harvest Strawberry Blue is a mostly sativa strain that produces a cerebral effect. It has very high THC content of 21%.

Organoleptic properties

Early Harvest Strawberry Blue has sweet fruit aromas and flavours with floral and incense nuances.

Main characteristics of Early Harvest Strawberry Blue

  • Manufacturer: World of Seeds
  •  Room Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Gender Feminized
  •  Genes Sativa
  •  Max Height: indoor 90-120cm
  •  Max Height: outdoor 180-200cm
  •  Flowering period: 7 weeks
  •  Genetics: Blueberry x Strawberry Cough
  •  Cannabinoids: Very high
  •  Max Harvest Indoor 600 grams per m2
  •  Max Harvest Outdoor more than 1000 grams per plant