Fuzion convection vaporizer corresponds to the Fuzion Galaxy model, a desktop vaporizer highly performant and economic, besides being very easy to use. This is a high-quality vaporizer allowing to inhale a high quality vapor.


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Fuzion Galaxy Vaporizer

Fuzion vaporizer corresponds to the Fuzion Galaxy model, a desktop vaporizer which gives a high quality inhalation with a very cheap price besides being very easy to use.

Fuzion Galaxy Vaporizer has a glass tube mouthpiece through it is possible to aspire the vapor without wasting any of it. It also offers a temperature vaporization control system, thus avoiding your Marijuana to be burned. This vaporizer comprehends a ceramic heater and the grid parts are included.

Inhaling vapor is healthier than smoking waterpipe or cigarette: the vaporization process retains the active Marijuana substances but eliminates many dangerous and carcinogenic substances that are generally present in the smoke that can cause cancer, lung irritation or chronic bronchitis due to the combustion. Using vaporizers, no smoke or odors are release thus facilitating the coexistence with non-smokers. Moreover, the effect is enhanced and more intense since vaporizers are able to convert 46% of THC vapor, while combustion-based systems do not usually convert more than 25%.

Besides that, Marijuana vapors reduce undesirable side effects like dizziness or blackouts thus offering a more bearable functional 'high' for daytime consumption.