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Cordalene is a Trabe brand anti-pest that eliminates all types of caterpillars, larvae, worms and lepidoptera, especially recommended for all types of drag insects.

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Cordalene anti-plague for growing marijuana

Cordalene is an anti-plague that is composed of the bactéria Bacillus Thuringiensis var. Kurstaki which, once inside the digestive tract of the larvae, crystallizes it and prevents its feeding.

To ensure correct treatment, it is recommended to cover the entire plant uniformly with the product during the larvae's development phase.

In the case of adult plants and caterpillars already in their final form, it is recommended the manual removal aided by the application of Cordalene. Each branch and each fruit should be checked for traces left by the branches.

Cordalene can also be applied preventatively, before attacks arrive.

A trick to help larvae consume the product better is to add a little sugar to the solution before application.

Dosage: to eliminate pests, apply in normal spraying, terrestrial or aerial, at doses of 1.5 to 2 ml per liter of water. In case of preventive use, apply 1ml / Lt every 15 days.

Security period: none.

Registered in the Register of Phytosanitary Products with nº: 19.848


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