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Dolomite is a high quality natural source to provide 36% Calcium and 20% Magnesium to all types of indoor and outdoor crops. This 100% natural product is presented in solid powder form.

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Dolomite Nutrient

Dolomite is a 100% natural mineral product that provides several advantages to all crops where it is applied. Among them, we can highlight the following:

It corrects the Ph of acid soils thanks to the presence of calcium (Ca). As well as incorporates a high content of magnesium (Mg) suitable to enhance the function of plant photosynthesis, being an essential component for the generation of chlorophyll.

This dolomite fertilizer is a calcium magnesium amendment of slow and prolonged action. This means that it is released little by little and remains active in the substrate for a long time.

Dolomite improves soil structure, as well as adjusting calcium and magnesium levels in poor soils.

In any culture, a handful of dolomite per pot mixed in the substrate, stabilizes the ph favouring the activity of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Application of dolomite 

Dolomite can be used to maintain the minimum levels of calcium and magnesium, as a preventive or in case of deficiencies that may occur, where we will have to apply a higher dose.

Dosage of dolomite

Soil application: mix 1 gram per litre of humid substrate.