The manufacturer Terra Aquatica presents its new pack consisting of 3 products. The nutrient complex for indoor or outdoor growing 3Pack DualPart is a product designed for the growth and bloom of plants in soil, coco or hydro.

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Terra Aquatica 3Pack Dual Part

One of the most important factors when growing indoor and outdoor is nutrition. Terra Aquatica is one of the best manufacturers of nutrient complexes and here they present one of their latest products, the Terra Aquatica 3Pack DualPart.

This is a nutrient pack designed to meet the needs of plants grown in soil, coco or hydroponics, making it a highly versatile product that will meet the needs of most indoor growers. The DualPart 3Pack consists of a product that comes in 3 bottles, for growing and flowering both indoors and outdoors.

It is one of the most efficient nutrient formulas, created jointly by General Hydroponics and NASA chemist Carl Hermann. The formula would meet all the nutritional needs of the plants, no matter what stage of the crop they are in.

The result fulfilled all expectations and the 3Pack DualPart by Terra Aquatica, compatible with coco, hydro and soil, is designed to cover all the nutritional needs of the plant throughout its life cycle, both vegetative growth and flowering, also achieving a perfect balance between yield and quality.

Terra Aquatica boasts that its product can be used throughout the entire life cycle of the plants, as opposed to other products from other manufacturers that are not able to offer excellent results from the beginning of the crop until the end.

The formula of this product includes ecological activators designed to optimize the overall health of the plant, as well as its resistance to harmful pathogens. In addition, 3Pack DualPart by Terra Aquatica also improves nutrient uptake, promoting optimal growth.

The kit also includes the Terra Aquatica's FinalPart Ripen, designed for the final part of flowering and has all the necessary elements to give the plants a final push in the last moments of flowering, when the plant needs special attention.

Another advantage of 3Pack DualPart is the ability to reduce the length between internodes without using plant growth regulators. The manufacturer informs that it only uses raw materials of the highest degree of purity to ensure the quality of the product and presents its pack in soft water and hard water formats. 

The pack contains:

Terra Aquatica 3Pack Dual Part Dosage

The manufacturer recommends shaking the products before use, adding each part separately to the water, mixing each part thoroughly and cleaning the measuring container before re-use.

It is a highly concentrated product, so a maximum of 5ml of product is required for every litre of water used.

Terra Aquatica Dual Part can be used with all types of plants and substrates, both for indoor and outdoor gardening.

Terra Aquatica Dual Part can be used with other Terra Aquatica products such as Fulvic, Trikologic, Seaweed and others.

Before using the product it is necessary to follow the instructions for use on the package label.