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Terra Aquatica's DualPart Bloom is a mineral fertilizer that provides all the nutrients as well as the biological activators for an explosive plants flowering.

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DualPart Bloom fertilizer

DualPart Bloom is Terra Aquatica's most famous fertilizer, mainly because it is a flowering fertilizer that has been developed in conjunction with NASA scientists. It is presented in only two parts, highly concentrated and valid for all types of substrates. It enables unique performance with the greatest ease of use.

DualPart Bloom is a fertilizer that provides mineral nutrients with plants fast feeding.

DualPart Bloom Fertilizer also contains biological activators, which ensure the healthiness of the plants, increasing their ability to absorb nutrients and improving their resistance to external aggression.

A key factor in choosing this fertilizer is because it promotes a short internodal distance between the flowers, making the plants develop more buds and therefore offer much higher yields. All this with a high purity formula and without including RSPG.

This base fertilizer is always used in combination with DualPart Grow and to further improve quality and yield it is recommended to use Terra Aquatica's supplements and additives. In particular it is recommended to add fulvic acid with Fulvic, create a longer microbiological life with TrikoLogic, improve the growth rate with Seaweed and finish the harvest with FlashClean and Finalpart.

DualPart Bloom Dosing

Shake well before use.

Always use in combination with DualPart Grow.

For soil crops, use 0.3 ml per litre of irrigation water during the rooting phase, then increase to 0.5ml/litre with the first real leaves. In vegetative growth change to 0.5ml/litre, pre-flowering 2ml/litre and flowering 3ml/litre.

For hydro or coco crops, use 0.5 ml per litre of irrigation water during the rooting phase, then increase to 1ml/litre with the first real leaves. In vegetative growth change to 1ml/litre, pre-flowering 2.5ml/litre and flowering 3ml/litre.

Composition of DualPart Bloom

Nitrogen 1%

Phosphate 5%

Potassium 3.5%

Magnesium 3%

Sulphur 5%

Iron (DPTA chelate) 0.012%

Boron 0.008% 

Manganese 0.005

Molybdenum 0.0015% 

Zinc 0.002% 

NPK: 1-5-3

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