Killer Kush is the new super fast Marijuana strain from Sweet Seeds and the heir of the famous OG Kush. It is able to flower in only 7 weeks having a fruity flavor and providing a potent high.

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Feminized Killer Kush Marijuana Seeds

Killer Kush is the new super fast Marijuana strain from Sweet Seeds and the heir of the famous OG Kush. In fact, this strain was genetically developed to flower much earlier than usual. Due to its autoflowering genes, Killer Kush is the ideal choice for hte most anxious growers or for those who want to minimize the investment of time and money.

Killer Kush is hybrid indica dominant Marijuana strain harboring 20% of sativa genes. As referred above, this strain comes from OG Kush, the famous Californian strain gorwn alont the Pacific.

Killer Kush provides a potent and relaxing high thus being especially suitable for nights or moments of creativity. It has a fruity aroma with several hints ranging from sweet to acid and citric. Besides that, it also release a spicy and tangy smell, typical of Chem Dawg Diesel.

After 7 weeks of flowering, Killer Kush offers great harvests ranging from 400-600 grams per square meter on indoors, or 350-600 grams per plant if grown outside. The collected buds are large, aromatic and extremely resinous.

Features of Killer Kush F1 Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype 80% indica
  • THC: not stated
  • CBD: not stated
  • Genetics: autoflowering of 3rd generation mainly indica x OG Kush clone
  • Flowering: 7 weeks
  • Crop: early September


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