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Sweet Trainwreck is an automatic Marijuana strain with a fast flowering period and hard and resinous buds. Besides that, it also has medicinal properties.

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Sweet Trainwreck Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Trainwreck is a new autoflowering Marijuana strain from Sweet Seeds. This Marijuana strain has a sativa appearance, it branches a lot and reaches heights ranging from 60 cm and 1.20 meters.

It also has many other qualities, usually associated to the indica genetics, with a fast flowering and hard and resinous buds. If cultivated inside, Sweet Trainwreck can produce between 350-550 grams per square meter. In the outside the yields are estimated to be of 40 to 120 grams per plant. In only two months the harvest can be done.

Descendant from a select Trainwreck clone, a well-known strain in the United States, Sweet Trainwreck has therapeutic properties.

We can also notice its sweet aroma, with fruity and citric hints.

Sweet Seeds is a Spanish seed bank, owner of other famous top quality Marijuana strains like Cream Caramel or Speed ​​Devil.

Features of Sweet Trainwreck Marijuana:

Feminized Auto


Genotype: 100% autoflowering

THC: Not declared

CBD: No declared

Genetics: Trainwreck, clone of 3rd generation x autoflowering strain

Flowering: 56 days

Crop: 8 weeks from the germination

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