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  • FAST BUD 2


Gift packs! 3 + 1 and 5 + 2 seeds. Fast Bud 2 autoflowering Marijuana is the first genetic evolution of autoflowering strains of the same name, Fast Bud, an improved version, very productive and aromatic. Great choice for commercial growers.

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Fast Bud #2 Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Fast Bud #2 autoflowering is the improved version of Fast Bud with a hybrid genetic though predominantly sativa and more intense, capable to produce more and better buds than its predecessor.

Itsd high quality effect is very powerful and corporal, effect inherited from the Afghan and Hawaiian Indicas with an intense exotic and acidic taste and aroma.

This vigorous plant does not require much care to produce considerable amounts of buds. Besides that, it is very resistant to some adversities in the outside due to its extremely short lifespan flowering so fast that is able to avoid fungal attacks.

Fast Bud #2 is a discreet plant reaching a small height ranging between 40 and 90cm, though producing a good amount of buds fully covered with an aromatic resin without too much effort. In fact, it is able to yield half kilo per square meter indoors and between 20-70 grams per plant outdoors after only 7-8 weeks. A great choice for commercial growers.

Main features of Fast Bud #2 Autoflowering Marijuana:

  • Feminized Auto
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype : autoflowering
  • THC 17%
  • CBD: 0.8%
  • Flowering: 7-8 weeks (indoor and outdoor - northern hemisphere)


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