Coco Mix is a Marijuana substrate from Bio Bizz made with coconut fiber thus being perfect for all kinds of Marijuana plants. ONLY TO BUY IN OUR SHOP IN OURENSE.

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Coco Mix for Growing Marijuana

Coco Mix from Biobizz comes in packages of 50 liters. Is a totally organic substrate of top quality and can be used in all kinds of crops.

This substrate stands out for its large aeration thus offering large amounts of oxygen to the roots of the plants. Moreover, this type of substrate easily removes the excess of irrigation water, no more dead plants by excess of water!

The pH of the Coco Mix adapts very well to the Marijuana cultivation seen that it situated between 5 and 6. Coco fibre is a substrate that can be used in all hydroponic systems.

Coco Mix is also a good choice to aerate a too heavy substrate or to ease the drainage of the same. Just mix it with the soil.

Features of Coco mix:

pH: Between 5 and 6

EC 0.0

Size: 50 liters

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