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Money Maker is a feminized Marijuana strain highly is productive able to develop thick clusters of resinous buds. Aroma of berries and powerful cerebral effect.


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Feminized Money Maker Marijuana Seeds

Strain Hunters presents a new range of feminized Marijuana strains that were especially created for commercial growers. As its name suggests, Money Maker is a strain to make money, that is, highly productive and cheap.

Money Maker harbors the genetics of Hindu Kush and Skunk, although with the Original Master Kush predominance. The plant of Money Maker is relatively small and compact due to its small internodal distance of around 5 to 7 centimeters.

The crop greatly exceeds the expectations in any cultivation system. In a growing room and using 1000W HPS lamps you can obtain 1 gram, (already dried and manicured) per watt per square meter after a flowering period of 8 weeks. In the outside, each specimen can produce up to 1 kilo, although such yield will depend on the final size of each plant. The flowering time is the same, although it can stretch up to 9 weeks. At the end of this period we recommend to give some kind of support to the branches due to the weight of the buds that can damage them.

The buds of Money Maker are small but grow in thick clusters of resinous beads only after few weeks of the flowering period. Once dried they resemble like compact dark green stones being sticky, considering the amount of resin they contain. They release a nice aroma of berries, spices and kush, and hints of fruits, vegetables and nuts that are intensified when combusted.

Money Maker provides a fast-acting, powerful and corporal effect. It is very noticeable in the legs, so it invites to lay down on a couch and engage in meditation. At the medical level, it is used to fight epilepsy, insomnia, pain and lack of appetite.

Features of Money Maker Marijuana:

Genotype. 70% Indica

THC: not declared - CBD: not declared

Genetics: Original Master Kush x Hindu Kush x Skunk (feminzada)

Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Crop: in late September or early October