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Mother's Finest Regular Marijuana is a hybrid sativa-dominant Marijuana strain, winner at the 2002 Marijuana Cup. A new sativa generation able to provides a cerebral effect of ecstasy.

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Mother's Finest Regular Marijuana Seeds

Mother's Finest Regular Marijuana is a hybrid sativa-dominant Marijuana strain, winner at the 2002 Marijuana Cup that come from the breeding program of Jack.

This is a new sativa generation that provides a pleasant cerebral effect that will leave you in ecstasy and linked to the world. This amazing experience will be accompanied by a strong bittersweet taste able to intoxicate your senses.

Mother's Finest Regular is a plant that requires longer flowering time due to its sativa dominance but not as much as other Haze hybrids. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation but make sure to grow it in a sunny Mediterranean climate.

If you do not have too much space the best is to induce it directly to the flowering period. When flourishing, it becomes an elegant and aromatic plant: it became covered with buds very soon with hairy chalices along the branches and stems, and after one week its elongated tails stretch everywhere with buds soaked with resin.

It will release in the air a mix of unmistakable aroma: a musk and a fruity Skunk scent with an earthy Afghan background and a strong Haze aroma of pine. Get ready to harvest its impressive yields within 50-70 days.

Features of Mother's Finest Regular Marijuana:

  • Regular
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype:
  • Genetics: Jack Herer
  • THC: unknown
  • CBD: unknown
  • Flowering: 50-70 days (indoor and outdoor - northern hemisphere)


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