Sensi Skunk Regular seeds by Sensi Seeds, a hybrid Indica-dominant Marijuana strain created by crossing Skunk #1 and a secret mother plant. This cross has resulted in a highly appreciated and uniform variety harboring unique and amazing flavors.

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Sensi Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds

Sensi Skunk Regular is a hybrid Indica-dominant Marijuana strain bred by Sensi Seeds crossing Skunk #1 and a secret mother plant.

Sensi Seeds has created this hybrid strain with the aim of getting a specimen that could retain the Skunk #1 properties and quality but with a price and ease of cultivation that could be easily available for all kinds of collectors. Indeed, Sensi Skunk is highly performant, reliable and stable variety. Moreover, it also has a unique and quirky, sweet and citric taste, very different from the Skunk that was inherited from its mysterious secret mother.

This plant thrive better in a growing room or in a greenhouse but it can also be cultivated on outdoors in warm and Mediterranean climates, always above 42ºN. It has a fast flowering and in only 45-50 days is able to produce huge buds with any special care.

It develops a solid and compact structure with robust lateral branches that can support the heavy buds produced.

Sensi Skunk Regular Features:

  • Regular
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: indica Marijuana
  • Genetics: Skunk # 1 x father secret
  • THC: unknown
  • CBD: unknown
  • Flowering: 45-50 days ( indoor and outdoor - northern hemisphere)