Actitube | Marijuana Paraphernalia


The filters for the marijuana Actitube are filters of activated carbon ideal to avoid the prejudicial parts of the combustion, either of tobacco or of the smoked marijuana. They effectively reduce the amount of toxins inhaled during combustion.

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Actitube for marihuana

Actitube smoking nozzles are filters made of activated carbon, ideal for significantly reducing the amount of harmful substances inhaled during the combustion of what is being smoked.

These nozzles allow to consume in a less toxic form different products, between which it is possible to emphasize the marijuana. With them you will be able to clean the smoke without losing any drop of THC and they allow, also, to enjoy the herb in a better way.

The Actitube filters can be reused up to 3 times since they have an excellent filtration capacity. After 3 uses the filter stops being effective and will start to let pass a bad taste and harmful substances.

The Actitube filter should be used with the black piece towards the user and the ceramic piece towards the mixture. This ceramic piece resists high temperatures and helps cool the smoke.

Features of Actitube filters:

  • Available in 5 single units or box of 100 units
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Cooling ceramic part
  • Unique product on the market


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