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The LUMii Solar reflector provides support and maximum light efficiency for LEC lamps. This is a closed reflector, made of aluminium and ideal to get the best from the lighting system of and indoor crop.

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LUMii Solar Reflector

The prestigious brand LUMii is developing high quality lamps, ballasts and reflectors like its new Lumii Solar reflector for LEC lamps. This is a reflector to get the best performance of the lighting system. Without the use of the Lumii Solar, the light from the bulbs does not fall directly on the plants, which would result in unnecessary energy waste.

The LUMii Solar reflector is built to last and is constructed with top quality materials such as reinforced aluminium to hold the lamps hassle-free. It is a high performance professional reflector designed for intensive and demanding growers.

With the use of the LUMii Solar reflector it is possible to use a LEC lighting system in the best possible way. This type of technology allows for great savings, allowing growers to save up to half the electricity cost and get the same yields as using traditional HID lamps.

The LUMii Solar reflector is designed for 315W LEC bulbs. These bulbs are intended to replace the old 600W metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. Thus, with the use of a 315W LEC, such as the one that is compatible with this reflector, it is possible to cover the needs of a 120 x 120 x 200 cm indoor grow room. 

The gram/watt rate that can be obtained with this device, accompanied by a proper LEC bulb, is higher than 1, at around 1.6. This means that a grower can get up to 600 grams of flowers per square metre with a much lower consumption.

The LUMii Solar reflector does not include a ballast or lamp, so it is advisable to purchase one in order to be able to use this equipment.

This high-performance system is built to last. However, when working with reflectors, these are eventually damaged by the constant action of the light. Therefore, in many cases it is recommended to replace the reflectors approximately every 12 months, in order to get the best possible performance results.

LUMii Solar Characteristics

Size: 30x27cm.

Weight: 1.6 Kg.

Protection: IP20.