The CFL bulb reflector is a stuck reflector specially reinforced to support the weight of this type of bulb. Forget the half hung CFL, with this reflector, the lamp will stay in place!

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Reinforced reflector for growing marijuana

The reflector for CFL bulbs is a reflector specially reinforced to withstand this type of bulb. Due to the much higher weight of CFL bulbs, normal unreinforced reflectors leave the bulb in a diagonal position, not allowing a correct distribution of the light it produces. With this type of reflector, the bulb will have much more support, so it will remain in its correct position.

The reflector for CFL bulbs is made of anodized aluminum and is equipped with a ceramic socket with E40 thread. For this reason, and even if it is a reinforced reflector for CFL bulbs, HPS, MH or LEC bulbs can be used in it, the latter needing an adapter.

The finish of the reflector for CFL is "stucko" and makes it possible to make very effective use of the lumens produced by the bulb.

Features of CFL reflector

  • Size: 40x50cm
  • Materials: Aluminium and ceramic
  • Maximun lamp power: Between 100W and 250W CFL
  • All types of indoor cultivation
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