Pulley Pro-Grip VDL | Cultivation of Marijuana


Pro-Grip VDL pulleys are the perfect pal for hanging grow material in cabinets and grow rooms. It has the capacity to support weights up to 5kg, these pulleys come in pairs, are easy to use and are very economical in price.

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Pro-Grip VDL pulleys for growing marijuana

Pro-Grip VDL is a pulley system for hanging all types of grow material, from reflectors to extractors or filters. They support a weight of about 5 kg each one.

The Pro-Grip VDL pulleys can be used in a very simple and easy way, allowing to lower them with just the push of a button and raise them with just a pull of the cable. This system makes it easier to adapt the distance of the reflector to the top of the plant and thus always maintain the recommended safety margins.

Pro-grip pulleys, besides being resistant, are very economical and allows with a very low investment to have the latest technology to hang the equipment.

Pro-Grip VDL Pulleys Features

  • Supports up to 5kg each
  • They are presented in pairs (2) in each package
  • Easy to use


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