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Sale of the White Grow Bag, the most economical pots, very easy to transport and reusable.

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White Grow Bag for Marijuana

White grow bags are really economical plastic pots, designed for single use only and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

White is the fashion's color

These white grow bags have, precisely, in its color one of its most remarkable points. Being white allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors, as this color keeps excess heat away from the roots of the plants. The heat can prevent the correct hydration of the root system and, with that, withdraw the capacity of absorption of nutrients to the plant, at the same time that it diminishes the metabolism and eliminates the beneficial microorganisms present in the substrate. The inner part of the pot is black, which will prevent the entry of light to the roots that, as we know, have to work in total darkness.

Light plastic

The white grow bags are made of plastic, which gives them certain advantages. One of them is cost savings, since plastic can be easily manufactured, making it a very economical material. Another advantage of plastic is its light weight, which makes it easy to transport by one person. Last but not least is their flexibility, which saves an enormous amount of space when storing and transporting this type of pots.

Simple cultivation

In addition to the advantages presented above, these white growing bags make cultivation much easier. On the one hand, their low cost allows them to be used only once (although they can be reused without any problem), which saves time and water in the cleaning tasks at the end of the crop. Another task that these pots simplify is transplanting, since their flexibility and the possibility of cutting them allows saving a lot of time in this phase of the crop. Simply by placing a larger bag underneath and making a cut in the bottom of the pot that has the plant we want to transplant, we have almost finished the task.

Advantages of the pot White Growing Bag

  • Very economical
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Light
  • Reusable
  • Easier transplanting

Available sizes for the White Growing Bag pots

  • 4.4 Lt (1 GAL) - 22 x 35 cm (diameter x height)
  • 8.8 Lt (2 GAL) - 32.5 cm (diameter)
  • 12 Lt (3 GAL) - 43.5 cm (diameter)
  • 19 Lt (5 GAL) - 51 cm (diameter)
  • 30 Lt (7 GAL) - 47 cm (diameter)
  • 44 Lt (10 GAL) - 54.5 cm. (diameter)