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The Amused Pipe is almost a perfect replica of the popular Amazed Red Eye Pipe. Enjoy almost the same quality of smoke at half price.

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Amused Pipe

The Amused Pipe is almost a perfect replica of the popular Amazed Red Eye Pipe. As Amazed, this Amused pipe cools the air thanks to an internal circuit and prevents the most harmful substances to reach the lungs not emitting in this way any smoke. This advantage avoids filling the room with smells not prejudicating those around you, especially if they are not smokers.

Wtih it you will enjoy a similar experience from Amazed Pipe but spending the half. It is a great choice for those that do not have much money or for a nice gift to give to a smoker friend.

To use it, just remove the flammable area to have access to the compartment. Fill it with the mixture to be smoked put the extremity back and start smoking.

Marijuana pipes like Amused allow you to consume Cannabis in the purest way possible, avoiding mixing grass with cigarette paper, snuff and other substances that brutalize and change its original qualities.


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