Necklace Pipe | Marijuana Paraphernalia


The necklace pipe is a small, all-metal pipe. It consists of 3 parts and has the appearance of a hang so you can take it everywhere without everybody get notice.

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Smoking Marijuana Necklace Pipe

The Marijuana Smoking Necklace Pipe is made entirely of metal and has a compact appearance. With just 5 cm and the shape of a pendant, it is ideal for wearing on top without anyone knowing what it is all about.

Hanging pipe is composed of 3 parts: a lid to protect the mouthpiece and that carries the thread to hang it; the middle part, where the marijuana is loaded; and the trunk, that is, the conductive tube.

This Necklace Pipe is very easy to use and is ideal for yourself or to gift to a friend, as it has a very economical price.

How to use: Unscrew the lid to make the mouthpiece accessible. Unscrew the trunk to open the combustion chamber and add the grass. Screw it back on and enjoy!


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