Milwaukee controllers with dispenser are the latest technological innovation for complete control of indoor crop parameters. With an integrated continuous meter and one or two coupled injection pumps, they allow to monitor and correct all crop deficiencies, both pH and nutrient (EC).

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Milwaukee's Controller with Dispenser for Growing Marijuana

The Milwaukee controller with dispenser is one of the latest technological innovations in the area of nutrient and pH control, so that plants can have a correct amount of nutrients and can absorb them in the most efficient way. This controller, in addition to incorporating a continuous pH or EC meter, has one or two pumps for nutrient injection and thus correct the parameters of the nutrient solution automatically and without the need for human intervention.

The Milwaukee controllers with dispenser are small and easy to use and program. The calibration system is easy to interpret and to deal with.

These controllers with dispenser can be hung on any stand or on a wall close to the growing equipment. All controllers come with built-in probe floater for worry-free use.

In our online shop you can find 3 types of controller with dispenser: pH controller with one pump, EC controller with one pump (for one nutrient) or EC controller with two pumps (for two different nutrients or for the nutrient mixture type A+B).

Key features of Milwaukee's Controller with Dispenser:

  • Scale: 0.0 to 10.0 mS (EC) and 0.0 to 14.4 (pH)
  • Resolution: 0.1 mS (EC) and 0.1 (pH)
  • Approximate size: 148.5 x 82.5 x 32
  • Suitable for monitoring the nutrient solution in indoor crops and automatically correcting the deficits measured.
  • It should be calibrated according to its use, it is recommended that every 2 months
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