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The DrugSip drug detector is the same as that used by law enforcement agencies, so it is perfect for knowing if you are under the influence of any substance. Simple, fast and effective.


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DrugSip's drug detector

DrugSip's drug detector is the easiest, quickest and most effective way to detect up to 6 different types of drugs in the body. It includes everything you need to take a drug test on your own and without help of any kind.

This is a high quality detector manufactured in Spain that guarantees all the results obtained.

DrugSip's drug detector allows you to detect 6 different types of drugs:

  • COC: Cocaine 20 ng/ml
  • OPI: Opioid 40 ng/ml
  • PCP: Fenciclidine 10 ng/ml
  • MET: Metanfetamine 50 ng/ml
  • AMP: Anfetamine 50 ng/ml
  • THC: Cannabis 40 ng/ml

Test preparation

Place the test in horizontal position and check that the card is not fully inserted in the base, the QR code must be visible.

Press down the plastic vial to break the bottom seal. Press the sides of the vial to remove all contents from it.

Collecting the sample

Take the collecting isopopoe, which is the plastic with an elongated shape, expand the indicator located at the top of it and insert it into the mouth. Pass it through the lanes and gums for at least 30 seconds, also pass it over the tongue for another 30 seconds.

Repeat this process until the sponge has fully extended to the saturation indicator. The process of collecting samples in the mouth takes about 2 minutes.

How to do the test

With the base unit in a horizontal position move it slightly to the sides.

After that insert the fully extended isopo into the base and press down until you hear a click.

Shake the drug detector again sideways for a few seconds.

Finally insert the diagnostic card downwards, pressing slowly.

After 6 minutes, the results of the drug detector can be seen.

Interpreting the results

DrugSip's drug detector has several indicators, the T-marked zone detects the drugs in the sample, while the C-marked zone is the control area.

When the result is negative, a pink line appears both in the area of each drug (T) and in the control area (C). This means that drugs are not detected or are below the threshold indicated.

If the result is positive, the control zone shows the line, whereas the drug zone does not show it. The drug that has passed the threshold is then indicated.

If the line does not appear in the control zone (C), the test is invalid.

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