Calgreen | Cultivation of Marijuana


Calcium is one of the most important elements for plants and a well known component from all professional and amateur growers.

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CallGreen for Growing Marijuana

CalGreen from Metrop is a concentrated biological fertilizer produced by a high quality extraction from plants including crucial macro and micronutirents for a good growth and full bloom in any cultivation system. It greatly improves the nutrient uptake by the roots. Besides that, it also strengthen and hardens the buds thus leading to an increase in volume of the crops. It provides proper levels of magnesium for a great synthesis of chlorophyl and protein. This product does not contain chemical additives and is not diluted on water. In fact, it only contains raw components. Due to its high concentration and purity we recommend to lower the EC levels and to frequently measure these levels to prevent over-fertilization. This product does not expire nor bears expiration date.