Sale of the 45x led magnifier lens for checking marijuana buds and diseases, very discreet and ideal have always in the pocket.

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45X LED Magnifier Lens

If you need to check the stage of the trichomes in your buds for harvesting, the 45x magnifying glass is the perfect tool for do that so far. It allows you to keep track of your plants like you've never seen before.

With a small and very discreet size, it is the ideal product to carry with you at all times, as it fits easily into any trouser pocket

At the end of the flowering of the plants, it is necessary to verify the state of its trichomes to be able to know which is its point of maturation and thus to decide the ideal moment to carry out the cut of the plants. This magnifying glass allows, with its capacity of magnification, to see the trichomes clearly and to check its change in color. The general rule is to harvest when most of the trichomes are still milky coloured and about 30% are already amber coloured.  

This magnifier comes with 3 integrated LR927 batteries and a free carrying case. Its dimensions are 37 mm x 36 mm.

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