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The Phytoled Pro GX 200 is a LED system perfect for growth and flowering, it has easy switching modules, high performance and very low power requeriments.

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Phytoled Pro GX 200 LED

The Phytoled Pro GX 200 is a professional LED lighting system that incorporates an innovative modular LED system to cover all the plant's life cycle stages. It is a Phylolite Swiss design tested in Italy, one of the best brands of lightning equipment.

This new modular LED system allows the user to change the panels individually to suit the required growing conditions. This system is also very useful if replacements are needed, as we can use the remaining panels of the Phytoled Pro GX 200 while waiting for the replacement.

The Phytoled Pro GX 200 covers the entire life cycle of the plants, which means that there is no need to change the lighting system from the growth phase to other to cover the flowering phase. For this purpose, the Phytoled Pro GX 200 has three modules, one of them adapted to the plant's needs.

First of all, the Phytoled Pro GX 200 LED has a mode for the vegetative growth, another mode, Full Cycle, which is used for the entire flowering cycle, and finally the Real Vision mode, which provides white light, so it allows to watch everything that is happening inside the grow room. 

The Phytoled Pro GX 200 is a versatile LED system equipped with the best technology to support a high-performance indoor crop. For this, each LED module is PHT202, held on a tempered steel frame strong enough to support the weight of the panels. It also incorporates 90º and 120º lenses (for replacement) to adapt to all growing conditions.

The grow tent will not overheat with the use of this LED equipment. Thus, it has a turbo cooling system that uses large fans to dissipate the heat produced by the panels. The operation of these fans is progressive. They will turn on as soon as the Phytoled Pro GX 200 gets warmer.

Finally, the Phytoled Pro GX 200 is environmentally friendly, as it has an ECO mode, which reduces the light intensity and makes the growth spectrum migrate to the flowering spectrum (Full Cycle). One more advantage for one of the best LED systems on the market.

Phytoled Pro GX 200 Features

Dimensions: 35cm x 36.5cm x 11cm

Weight: 5.9 Kg

Power: 130W

Recommended use temperatures -20 and +40ºC

Lifetime: 50.000 hours

2mm aluminium housing

Hanging chain included

2 year manufacturer's warranty