LED TGL Star 100 marijuana growing lamp


LED TGL Star 100 lamp, a full spectrum LED lamp (grow and bloom) with the highest quality at a very affordable price and adaptable for all indoor marijuana crops.

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LED TGL Star 100 marijuana growing lamp

The LED TGL Star 100 lamp is a LED lamp of last generation, which allows you a low power consumption and at the same time get a high performance in your crops.

This TGL Star 100 cultivation LED does not need a ventilated reflector because it brings its own cooling system by passive dissipation, which makes it totally silent and more than 50000 hours of life, which guarantees quality and durability.

With the LED Lamp TGL Star 100 you can get close to 140 grams of dry product with a total consumption of just 105w, this in a space of 70x70, which allows you to maintain your small crop without consuming huge amounts of light. For a 130x130 grow area we recommend the use of 4 TGL Star 100 LED lamps.

The LED TGL Star 100 has the best LED technology, the Cree CXB3590 with an average color temperature of 3500K, and also with the Driver Mean Well HBG-160, which allows its regulation.

Características técnicas del LED TGL Star 60

Power usage: 105W

Average Yield: 140g

Spectrum: complete for grow and bloom

Grow area: 80x80cm

Bloom area: 70x70cm

LED Type: Cree CXB3590 3500K Driver Mean Well HBG160 Regulable

Refrigeration: Yes, passive, no noise, no fan needed

Dimensions: 18cm height x 15,2cm diameter 

Weight: 3,4 kg


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