High quality TGL Star 60 LED lamp at the best price, provides full spectrum for indoor growth and flowering of marijuana.

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LED TGL Star 60 marijuana growing lamp

The TGL Star 60 LED lamp is perfect to get the maximum yield with minimum light consumption, thanks to its state-of-the-art LED technology.

With a consumption of only 55 watts, it is able to offer a dry yield of about 75 grams, all this in a reduced space of 50x50 centimetres, ideal to grow for personal use. It is recommended to use 4 TGL Star 60 LED lamps per square meter of growing space.

The LED technology used by the TGL Star 60 is Cree CXB3070 with an average color temperature of 3500K, as well as its Driver Mean Well HBG-60-1400A system allows it to be power adjustable.

The cultivation LED TGL Star 60 is equipped with its own cooling system, so no ventilated reflector is required. Its passive dissipation does not produce any noise.

Technical characteristics of the LED TGL Star 60

Power usage: 55W

Average Yield: 75g

Spectrum: complete growth and flowering

Growing area: 60x60cm

Flowering area: 50x50cm

LED Type: Cree CXB3070 3500K Driver Mean Well HBG-60-1400A Regulable

Refrigeration: Yes, passive, no noise, no fan needed

Dimensions: 16cm height x 13cm diameter

Weight: 2,1 kg


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