Marijuana seeds for Lisbon

In Experienca Natural we have a great variety of seeds from the best banks so that you can find the one that best suits your needs and adapts to the climate characteristic of your area.

In Lisbon the climate is Mediterranean and is very influenced by the Golfo´s Stream, which means mild temperatures throughout the year and generous rainfall and winds in Autumn and Winter. The temperature does not usually rise above 28ºC and fall below 5ºC, with an annual average of 10ºC. It is a perfect climate for this purpose with an average of approximately 2800 hours of sunshine per year.

This said, you can affirm that your climate admits Indica strains perfectly and short flowering sativas, so the best advice to avoid problems in your harvest is to elude the rains.

If your preference is Sativa dominance plants, a strain that goes great is the Green Crack strain, from the Humblodt bank; a Californian bank seeds that, in a very short time, has achieved a great reputation, backed by all the great and positive experiences of growers and consumers.

This variety with a high sativa percentage of 75% and a flowering of 55 days indoors or late September for outdoor crops, has a very intense flavour of pineapple and mango, with a background of wood and incense. It is very easy to grow and its production is high. Green Crack produces a stimulating and euphoric effect, clear high because of Sativa dominance.

If this variety is not what you want or need, in our online store we have almost a thousand different varieties, both feminized and autofloweringregular for growers looking for the highest quality and genetics with high CBD content for those who need to make use of the most medicinal part that cannabis offers us.

In addition to seeds we have everything you need for growing both outside and inside, with packs and very good deals for all budgets. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or queries.

Valid seeds for the following list of municipalities:

Alenquer (Estremadura)

Amadora (Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (AML), Estremadura)

Arruda dos Vinhos (Estremadura)

Azambuja (Ribatejo)

Cadaval (Estremadura)

Cascais (AML, Estremadura)

Lisboa (AML, Estremadura)

Loures (AML, Estremadura)

Lourinhã (Estremadura)

Mafra (AML, Estremadura)

Odivelas (AML, Estremadura)

Oeiras (AML, Estremadura)

Sintra (AML, Estremadura)

Sobral de Monte Agraço (Estremadura)

Torres Vedras (Estremadura)

Vila Franca de Xira (AML, Ribatejo)