Marihuana seeds in Ceuta.

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It is known that Ceuta enjoys a wonderful climate, subtropical Mediterranean type, with mild temperatures to be surrounded by the coast and the Yebel-Musa acting as a barrier, but without avoiding that the precipitations are abundant and irregular by the difference in temperature between the waters that separate the Strait and the winds loaded with humidity from the Atlantic.

With these basic data we can say that it is an area that facilitates the cultivation of cannabis for its number of sunshine hours ,and that in case of plant autoflowering, you can collect two harvests a year or even three if the first crop starts in March, with a little more care in the last crop, because rains are unpredictable.

If you opt for a feminized seed you will have only one harvest but it will produce more. Outdoors are advisables not to plant very equatorial sativa strains because of their late harvest, as they can finish blooming at the end of November or even December and as we have already mentioned, we can get scared with the rains.

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