If you are looking for high quality seeds at good prices, at Experiencia Natural we have the best genetics on the market, adapted to the climate of your area to make your job easier, as well as free urgent delivery and a gift seed for orders that reach 30 euros, accumulating free seeds to choose between feminized or automatic, 2 seeds with 60 euros and so on.

If you are new in this world do not worry, we have easy to grow genetics and we can advise you on your purchase, also in our online store you have a menu where you can navigate easily, filtering by attributes among the almost a thousand strains we have, to keep only what you want and choose the genetic that best suits your needs and your climate.

As you well know, the climate in Sevilla is Mediterranean, with very dry and very hot summers, exceeding 40 Celsius degrees several times a year being the hottest provincial capital of Spain. Winters are mild and often rainy. This data that should be taken into account for a good choice, but in this case benefits you, as there are not great restrictions when choosing variety.

You can opt for a sativa plant without suffering humidity problems even if it has a late flowering, you have an exceptional climate that means you don't need to be an expert. Just navigate a little and decide if you prefer a feminised or automatic, or even a regular seed if you are already an experienced grower. We also have varieties with high CBD if the medicinal part is important to you.

You may prefer an indoor crop even living in an exceptional outdoor area, for that there are the closets, you can also find them at a good price with everything you need. We have good offers and we are at your disposal for any question you may have during the entire crop process, both by telephone and by e-mail.

Valid Seeds for the following list of populations: