How to buy marijuana seeds from Uruguay?

bandera Uruguay con semillas de marihuana

It has never been easier. In this section you can find all the necessary information to make a purchase from Uruguay. You can also buy other products but keep in mind that the shipping rate may increase.

How much do marijuana seeds cost?

The prices indicated on the website are those applied for purchases from Uruguay. The price is shown in euros but can be seen in Uruguayan pesos and other currencies. To see the prices in Uruguayan pesos take a look in the upper right of the screen. You will see a button with an icon representing an euro (€), from there you can select the currency you want from the list. We have marijuana seeds for Uruguay from 2€ per unit.

When you browse the website you will see the price per unit. You can also click on the drop down list and select other available format types like original packages of 3 seeds.

The cost of a shipment with marijuana seeds to Uruguay is 5€ and if the total order amount is greater than 30€ the shipping costs will be free.

How long does it take to get to Uruguay?

Our shipments travel in a safe and discreet manner through the Post Office of Spain in the form of a certified shipment that will be delivered in hands to the recipient. The delivery time in Montevideo Uruguay is estimated to be around 10 days, of around 10-12 days for the rest of the cities and about 15 days fot the most remote areas.

Our guarantee commitment is that all deliveries are hand delivered to the recipient in a discrete and properly protected manner to be sure that its content arrives in perfect condition.

We also provide tracking numbers for all shipments. From the moment the package is sent until arriving in your country you can follow the spanish mail. When it arrives in Uruguay it is better that you follow it from the uruguayan mail.

Offers in marijuana seeds for Uruguay?

Yes, of course! For every 30€ spent on marijuana seeds we offer one marijuana seed. That means that if your order is of 90€ you wil get three seeds for free. We also offer a rolling paper for free or some detail in all shipments made for Argentina. 

We recommend you to follow our social networks in the right part of the website since we do free seed raffles, gifts and gift certificates.

How to pay from Uruguay?

There are several payment methods for purchases from Uruguay. Our clients in Uruguay report that all these payment methods work perfectly.

We have three different payment methods available that work well from Uruguay. Once you have filled in your details (name, address ..) and selected the type of shipping (seeds only or other products) the payment options will be shown. One is called Pay with your Visa / Mastercard / 4B card, the other is money transfer and the last bitcoins.

Limitation of Liability

We send our seeds to Uruguay as a collection item, under no circumstances you can break the law with them, we send them under Spanish law and you must comply with the law of your country in order to receive them. If you have any doubts, before buying, consult a specialized lawyer. is not responsible for the possible illegal uses that may be committed with its products, nor for orders that cannot be delivered or that have customs problems.

Legal notice

The seeds are sent with the restriction that the customer is not going to use them against the current law in his country, all responsibilities of a misuse of the seeds in Uruguay or in any other country of the world is the responsibility of the buyer, Experiencia Natural declines any responsibility.

We strongly request that customers have all the necessary permits and documentation in order to receive the seeds correctly, Natural Experience cannot be held responsible for any legal or customs problems.