Is buying marijuana seeds legal?
Is germination of marijuana seeds legal?
Can I buy seeds per unit?
Why do some seeds come in original package and others in capsules with the name written?
What are feminized seeds? Autoflowering? And regular?
What is the shipping cost?
Can seeds be shipped anywhere in the world?
In what time frame will I receive my order?
How do you pack the seeds?
How do I track my shipment?
Is packaging safe and discreet?
What guarantees of receiving the seeds have I as being your client?
What are the means of payment available? Problems to enter your account
I still have doubts.

Is buying marijuana seeds legal? The sale of marijuana seeds is legal in Spain so it is in the majority countries worldwide. Virtually all countries have laws concerning cultivation, possession, sale and consumption of Cannabis.


Is germination of marijuana seeds legal? With exceptions, germination of marijuana seeds is illegal in most countries. We sell our seeds with the restriction that they can not be used against the law. In this way, we only sell them as an object of collection and can only be germinated in case you are within the legality.


Can I buy seeds per unit? Yes you can, and you can even buy single-seeds from those seed banks that do not offer them in pack of 1. Our entire catalog of marijuana seeds is sold by loose seeds and original packages. The rest of the seed formats of 3,4,5,6,9,10,12 and 15 etc., according to each bank are always served in their original packages.


Why do some seeds come in original package and others in capsules with the name written? In case the seed bank distributes the same in 1-seed pack, we will send you that way, in case the manufacturer does not sell that package format we open a package of more seeds and take one to send in your order These loose seeds are encapsulated and properly labeled.


What are feminized seeds? Regular and the autoflowering? Feminized marijuana seeds are those that should always be female. With the exception of nature, the percentages are estimated to an average of 95% to 98% of feminization. The regular ones are the natural, those that are not forced to be female. Hence, fyou will get from them male and female plants and the proportions may vary but it is always advisable to wait for a ratio of 50/50. The autoflowering are those that due to the crossing with Rudelaris genetics flower with the passage of time regardless of the photoperiod. Visit our blog about marijuana to learn the basics about the Cannabis plant.


What is the shipping cost? The shipping cost of marijuana seeds is very low, of only 5€ (free for orders of 30€ or above in seeds) for any place in the world if living outside Spain, even if it is very far away like Argentina, we always keep the same price. If you include in your order other types of products the price however increase. If you live in the peninsula it will most likely not increase but if you live in the islands or in another country it can go up quite a bit. Check shipping deadlines. From 30€ we also send offer one seed for free. (notice: there are some countries that have restricted orders and/or shipments, details when selecting your country).


Can seeds be shipped anywhere in the world? Unfortunately the sale of marijuana seeds has some restrictions. Therefore, we can not send marijuana seeds to the following places: Algeria, Argentina, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Omar, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Australia.


In what time frame will I receive my order? For the peninsula, the shipment will be urgent of 24/48 hours and for the rest of destinations the time frame can range from 5 to 15 days, it depends on the remoteness of the country in question. If you live in Andorra you can receive it in less than 5 days, but if you live in Argentina or Uruguay the waiting will be of 15 days. If you do not receive your order within these deadlines contact your post office, if they do not have it then contact us.


How do you pack the seeds? All seeds are in their original package or in their protective caps properly labeled. Besides that, they are introduced in a padded envelope and in an airtight carrying bag. When ordering seeds per unit you can ask us to send you a piece of the original package of your seeds that will serve as a guarantee of authenticity. For example, if your order includes two seeds of White Widow from Dutch Passion, since the bank does not offer packages of that quantity we will send the seeds in a capsule. If requested, we will send you a bundle of the package as proof of authenticity.

How do I find my order? Your order, once sent is associated with a tracking number in the transport company. We provide you that number and the transport company website by email to the same address you have registered on this website. Check your email to locate your order, in case you do not find it contact us indicating your order reference so we can resend it.

Is packaging safe and discreet? Yes, totally. All seeds are packaged in hermetically sealed, odor-proof bags and placed in smooth, padded envelopes.


What guarantees of receiving the seeds have I as being your client? This website is not only a website it is also a  physical Grow Shop. You can find us at this address:

Experiencia Natural Grow Shop.

C/ Manzaneda 17, bajo.

32005 Ourense.

00 34 988 222 327.

At this moment we are open from 9 to 15 and from 16:30 to 21 (Monday to Friday) Saturdays only from 12 to 14.

We also have social profiles where you can check that there are several satisfied customers. You can access them by clicking on the images of our social networks in our offers page or on the right side of the website.


What are the means of payment available? You can know them here.


Problems to enter your account It can be for several reasons. If you have lost the password you can choose to reset it, from this link you access the entrance page, just below the boxes of your data there is a link where you should click. Enter your email and send it, you will receive instructions in your email. It may also be becasue you have created a guest account, it is not very recommendable since you do not have a client account, in that case you must request to modify your account to become a client, just answer to any of our emails to request it. In case you can not reset your password read the next point.

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