Marijuana in France

The status of marijuana in France is not the most favorable and, despite the fact that France is one of the largest marijuana producers in Europe, it is still not legal to consume or carry marijuana on public places. Similarly, we do not have a good framework for medical Cannabis in France, although there are a number of new measures aimed at gradually regularising Cannabis for medical users.

This article will provide a full analysis of the marijuana situation in France. It will explain a number of key points that will help us to better understand the legal framework in France for recreational and medical cannabis and everything related to marijuana seed shipments to France.

Table of contents:

Cannabis Possession and Consumption in France

Possessing or consuming Cannabis in France is illegal. In fact, in this country no distinction is made between possession of Cannabis itself and trafficking. France thus assumes a very conservative role with regard to the marijuana possession and use, by not discriminating between the personal use of Cannabis and the sale to others. Instead, the penalties for possession and trafficking of marijuana in France are determined by the quantity and conditions under which the seizures were made.

But it is not all bad news, as the public prosecutor can subsequently rule that the quantity and status of the seizure does not incur any penalty or sanction and that it all translates into a warning. In addition, individuals caught carrying Cannabis will also be eligible for rehabilitation programs, so they do not have to face financial penalties.

During Nicolas Sarkozy's government, the first signs of marijuana decriminalization began to appear in France. Thus, in 2008, a new law was introduced allowing citizens seized with small amounts of marijuana to give talks and awareness courses against Cannabis abuse. 

The aim of these programmes is to rehabilitate consumers instead of fining them. However, it is the duty of the person being warned to justify its Cannabis dependence. If he or she is not able to meet this requirement, he or she may face sanctions of up to 450€.

It was the government of Emmanuel Macron took a further step in the French marijuana regularization. In 2018, the French began to enjoy a new policy that imposed immediate fines for consumption or possession of marijuana to the value of 200 euros. However, it is important to note that the legal process can go further depending on the conditions under which the seizure took place.

Marijuana growing in France

Growing Cannabis in France is illegal. In fact, France has a strong cannabis and hemp industry, but it is strictly forbidden for individuals to grow marijuana in their homes, either for medicinal purposes or for self-consumption. Penalties for such marijuana growing offences in France can be up to 20 years in prison or a financial penalty of 7.5 million euros.

Although the scenario for marijuana growing in France is very restrictive, at least a priori, the truth is that the highest penalties are rarely imposed in this country, let alone for domestic cultivation.

Marijuana sales in France

Selling Cannabis in France is totally prohibited by the law. In fact, the French legislation is very severe on drug trafficking. Penalties for selling marijuana in France can be up to 20 years in prison or a fine of up to 7.5 million euros. 

As is also the case in many countries of the European Union, there are aggravating factors that can double these penalties. Aggravating circumstances include the sale of marijuana to minors, the use of violence or to belong to an organized gang.

Medicinal Cannabis and CBD situation in France

France does not stand out for its permissiveness in the field of medicinal Cannabis. Thus, there is no favourable framework for medical cannabis in France and unfortunately it is not yet legal. However, Sativex it is available to the French citizens from 2014 onwards.

Many voices are calling for a better medical marijuana environment in France. The French health minister, Agnes Buzynm, for example, expressed her intention at the congress to create a special programme to regulate the use of medical cannabis in France.

However, in 2018 the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines ruled out Cannabis as the most suitable substance for treatment. The lack of a range of medical marijuana drugs in France means that a large proportion of medical marijuana users in France have no answers to their demands.

Finally, it is legal to sell, buy and consume CBD in France. Thus, France allows the trade and consumption of all those products rich in Cannabidiol that do not present more than 0.2% THC in their composition. 

Fines and Penalties for Marijuana Consumption in France

As we mentioned at the beginning, marijuana selling, possession and use on public spaces are grouped together under the same type of penalty. It has also been commented that recently the fines for possession of marijuana on the street in situ are just 200 euros.

However, if the sanctioning process goes further and there are aggravating factors, fines for possession and consumption of marijuana in France start from 3750 euros and can go up to a year in prison. In addition, if the defendant is found to have endangered the lives of others, the fines can be as high as 75,000€.

Sending Marijuana Seeds to France

It is completely legal to buy marijuana seeds in France. You can also buy marijuana seeds from other countries to receive them in France in complete safety. 

France adheres to the principle of the free movement of goods that exists in the common European area. It is therefore legal to send marijuana seeds in France, as well as other products related to grow marijuana.

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