Marijuana seeds for Braga

The moment has arrived in which you decide to cultivate and to avoid unnecessary obstacles, the best thing is to choose a genetics that fits well to the climate of the zone where you live, so the plant will adapt and you will not stress it.

In the case of Braga, the climate is oceanic, which indicates that it is mild, generally warm and temperate, and in this case with abundant rainfall.

This gives us as a result the search for short flowering seeds, ideally with good resistance to mold, which will avoid a large outlay on products to combat it, because as I said, a good choice of seed prevents us later worries and additional costs.

In Experiencia Natural we have almost a thousand varieties of seeds, so that you can search according to your preferences for the one that best suits what you need, whether regular, feminizedautoflowering or with high CBD seeds for medicinal use. You can filter by flavors or different characteristics of the crop or genetic production.

A genetics that will make it very easy for you if you are a beginner farmer is the Big Kush of the well-known Dinafem bank. This marvel created from a Big Skunk with OG Kush, gives you the opportunity to grow a very grateful plant, which with little care will give a high production of flowers loaded with resin, citrus flavor and great potency for its high percentage of THC. His flowering is short, which will be great for you to prevent the rains affect it.

If this example that I give you doesn't convince you and you still don't know which strain to choose, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you for free.

You may prefer an indoor crop, do not worry, we also have everything you need and very interesting prices, with packs and sales for all people.

Visit our online shop, have a look around without hurry, we have products for all budgets and different offers that are changing continuously.

Valid seeds for the following location list:

Cabeceiras de Basto
Celorico de Basto
Póvoa de Lanhoso
Terras de Bouro
Vieira do Minho
Vila Nova de Famalicão
Vila Verde