The perfect choice for the growth and flowering cultivation periods (mixed). This lamp offers all the required lumens for a correct growth and flowering of Marijuana plants.

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Philips Green Power for Growing Marijuana

High quality Philips HPS lamp Green Power with PIA technology (PHILIPS INTEGRATE ANTENA) integrated, one of the most acclaimed in the sector. These 600w grow lamps provide up to 85000 lumens, enough to cover up to 1'5m2.

Philips Green Power is a high-pressure sodium bulb with a special orange spectrum for flowering. It is the ideal growing lamp for flowering, gives a higher yield than other brands and also provides great reliability. The lifetime of these bulbs while retaining all their performance is more than 10,000 hours.

The Green Power grow lamp uses Philips PIA technology that ensures long life and reliability within the life of the bulb, improving light flow response and providing reliable ignition. It also enables virtually instant restart (< 30 seconds).

Philips Green Power culture lamps have a discharge tube filled with Sodium and Xenon amalgam with the following features:

  • Lead-free lamps (ORGANIC)
  • Includes an entirely transparent external glass.
  • Extra High pressure in the discharge tube.
  • This lamp has the highest rate of growth light per watt

Main features of Philips Green Power:

  • E40 bushing
  • Bulb shape T46 (T 46mm)
  • Color code 220 (CCT 2000º K)
  • Luminous flux 50000 lm (400W) and 85.000 lm (600W)
  • Luminous efficacy 125 lm/W
  • Horizontal or vertical lamp position.


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