Lumii 315w Solar Pro CDM | Cultivation of Marijuana


LEC Lumii 315w Solar Pro CDM grow lights come to revolutionize the Cannabis market. The first LEC bulb at an economical price so that everyone can enjoy the superior performance of the LEC at a very reasonable price.

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Lumii 315w Solar Pro CDM Lumii Lamp for growing marijuana

Lumii 315w Solar Pro CDM is a good quality LEC technology light at a very economical price. With this bulb, more growers will be able to take advantage of the longer life, higher production and lower heat generation provided by the LEC system compared to traditional HPS systems.

Furthermore, LEC type lamps such as this Lumiii one has a much higher yield than HPS and LEDs, yielding up to 1.6 grams per watt in optimal growing conditions.

The Lumii 315w Solar Pro CDM lamp can be installed on 400w ETI (electromagnetic) ballasts using a PGZ18 to E40 adapter (not included). In this way, you will be able to enjoy part of the advantages offered by the LEC without having to change the ballast. In any case, it is recommended to use the complete LEC Kit for the best performance.

The Lumii 315w Solar Pro CDM 315w light is enough for cultivation spaces up to one square meter.

Lumii 315w Solar Pro CDM, all the advantages of LEC at the best price!

Note: The lamp should never be turned off before 2 minutes until it has not been running for at least 10 hours. Time elapsed during installation testing is included. If necessary, wait 1 hour before turning the lamp on again.

Features of the Lumii 315w Solar Pro CDM Lumii Lamp 315w

  • Power 315 W.
  • Service life: 12,000 h
  • Color temperature: 3200 K
  • Colour: (neutral white)


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