LEC Philips Master Color CDM 315W grow lamps gets all the advantages of ceramic emission technology to deliver superior performance at half the power consumption of a 600w HPS. A high quality bulb for best results.

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Philips Master Color Lamp CDM 315W for growing marijuana

The Philips Master Color CDM 315W is an ideal light bulb for cannabis cultivation with high-quality 315W LEC systems. This type of system offers superior performance, less heat and longer bulb life compared with HPS systems.

This grow light is suitable for spaces up to one square meter (1m2) and includes an adapter for normal thread reflectors (from PGZ18 to E40). In this way it can be applied in 400w electromagnetic ballasts and enjoy the advantages of LEC without having to change the cultivation system.

However, for more advantageous results, we recommend using the complete LEC kit.

Note: The lamp should never be turned off before 2 minutes until it has not been running for at least 10 hours. Time elapsed during installation testing is included. If necessary, wait 1 hour before turning the lamp on again.

Features of the Philips Master Color CDM 315W lamp

Lumens: 38.000 lm. h
Power 315 W.
Intensity: 4.7 A.
Service life: 15,000 h
Color temperature: 3090 K
Colour: (Warm white)
Power supply voltage (max.) 4000 V.
Maximum ignition voltage (max.) 4000 V.
Power supply voltage (min.) 3000 V.
Reset time (min.) (max.) 10 minutes.
Switch-on time (Max) 3 s.
Voltage (max.) 115 V.
Voltage (Min) 85 V.
Voltage (Nom) 100 V.
Controls and dimming.
Execution time 90% (max.) 3 min.
Total length (max.) 7.44 in.
Energy Efficiency (EEL) A + +
Mercury content (Hg) (max.) 25 mg.
Power consumption kWh / 1000 h 346 kWh.
Bulb temperature (max.) 600 ° C.
Temperature Cap-Base (Nom) 250 ° C.

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