Sodium lamp specifically developed for growing Marijuana at an unbeatable price and suitable for the growth and flowering periods.

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Pure Light Lamp for Growing Marijuana

Pure Light lamp for growing Marijuana (High Pressure Sodium (HPS)), suitable for the growth and flowering periods and at an unbeatable price.

Pure Light lamps harbors a white-red light spectrum thus being perfect for growing and flowering plants. To change from one period to another you just have to change the photoperiod, or what is the same to say, the number of hours per day that the lamp stays on.

The Pure Light lamp is similar to other more expensive lamps available on the market but with a duration for smaller crops. The manufacturer recommends changing it every 9 or 12 months of continuous use.

Warning for all Cultivations Lamps:

The loss of lamp power can not be seen at first sight. Nonetheless, when this happens, it results in a much lower production of the crop. To find out when a lamp needs to be replaced trust in the manufacturer recommendation or measure it with a light meter.

Like all other crop lamps you should not touch the lamp glass with your bare hands, always use gloves. This will increase your lamp life.

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