Hy Pro abono marihuana HIDRO 1L
  • Hy Pro abono marihuana HIDRO 1L
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Hydro A + B from Hy-Pro is a complete fertilizer for Marijuana plants grown in hydroponic systems. It contains all the necessary nutrients and trace elements to give powerful and beautiful plants and also very abundant crops.

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Hidro A + B fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Hydro A + B from Hy-Pro is a complete fertilizer for Marijuana plants grown in hydroponic systems. Its high-quality formula incorporates all the necessary nutrients that your plants need as well as essential trace elements. The result are powerful plants that have a vigorous growth and a lush flowering.

The use of hydroponic systems have become increasingly popular as they offers several advantages when compared with soil crops like a reduced risk of fungal, pests or diseases attacks and an optimal moisture level in the air. In order to potentiate this cultivation systems we recommend to use specific fertilizers such as Hidro A + B, whose components are perfectly complemented for your plants to fully deploy theirs their genetics.

IBesides its nutritional benefits, Hidro A + B gives an remarkable solubility: there is no need to use water pumps as the fertilizer will dissolved perfectly by itself. Moreover, it does not affect the pH nor the EC levels of the solution once added to the mixture, as otherwise it would have a deep impact on nutrient uptake by the plant thus affecting its health and performance.

Use Hidro A + B from the second week of the flowering period, ideally followed by Root Stimulator from Hy-Pro to reinforce the roots. Add 5ml of this fertilizer per liter of water.

Available in 1L bottles.

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