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Epic Boost is Hy-Pro's potassium and phosphorus flowering enhancer. It provides all the nutrients and trace elements needed for an explosive blooming of your marijuana buds.

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Epic Boost Flowering Enhancer 

Epic Boost is a concentrated fertiliser for enhancing marijuana flowering. This flowering enhancer is intended for use in just in hydroponic or aeroponic Cannabis cultivation. It provides all the necessary nutrients and secondary elements needed in Cannabis plants to produce bigger and more powerful buds.

Epic Boost is flowering enhancer for the last weeks of the flowering stage. This means that it is used in the budding phase, when the plant stops producing new flowers and focuses all its energy on increasing the volume of existing flowers.

During flowering stage, whether grown in soil or in hydroponics, your plant will require large quantities of 2 essential nutrients: phosphorus and potassium. It's up to us to use a complete product, like Epic Bloom, so that the plant doesn't run out of food when it goes through a crucial phase in its life cycle; from the fourth to the sixth week of flowering.

The Epic Boost enhancer formula provides phosphorus, potassium, a small amount of nitrogen, superphosphates, calcium and magnesium. A fine blend of nutrients for your plant that will thank you by increasing its yield and quality. This product stimulates the creation of proteins and vitamins which will speed up the plant's internal processes.

Epic Boost is completely water soluble and will not clog irrigation or drip systems, that's why is perfect to use in hydro and aero systems. This is a great advantage, since we won't have to waste time cleaning out pipelines that are clogged with minerals that are not suitable for hydroponic systems.

Using Epic Boost

Epic Bloom is a fertiliser for hydroponic Cannabis crops, so the use of this product in other crops is discouraged. If you're looking for a flowering stimulant for soil crops, there's Hy-Pro's Epic Bloom Terra for mind-blowing results.

This is a fertilizer for the buds fattening phase of Cannabis. This time usually begins around the fourth week of flowering, although this may depend on the strain (in Sativas, fattening up occurs later). As a general rule, you should start applying it from the fourth week of flowering.

To do this, dilute 1 ml of the product for every litre of water in the hydroponic tank or reservoir. In addition, Hy-Por recommends the use of Epic Boost with its Hydro A+B product, to cover the nutritional needs of the plant throughout its life cycle.

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